10 Best TVs For Gaming

Reviews of the 10 best TVs for gaming

Get more from your gameplay, whether you choose consoles, gaming desktops or mobile streaming, with a good quality television. Enjoy those incredible video game graphics in sensational 4K Ultra HD or on an impressive 80 inch screen. Below you will find the 10 top TVs for gaming, based on user reviews and our own tech experts’ experiences. From televisions at low prices for bargain hunters to the high end luxury tech of your dreams, we have found TVs to suit every video game player. Find a set to suit your price range and needs with these reviews of leading TVs.

Samsung 55 inch TV 10 best TVs for gaming

Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • Size: 48.9 x 2.5 x 28.3 inches; 48.9 x 2.5 x 28.3 inches
  • Display: 55 inch LED screen; 4K UHD resolution; 16:9 aspect ratio

Featuring an internal quad-core processor to give it plenty of power, this impressively sized Samsung screen is a top choice. It features Wide Color Enhancer technology for the brightest, boldest colors, has built-in Wi-fi and includes 3 HDMI ports for console connection. The sturdy built-in stand is great for tabletops and TV units.

TCL 40 inch 10 best TVs for gaming

TCL 40FS3800 40-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

  • Size: 35.9 x 8 x 20.5 inches; 15.8 pounds
  • Display: 40 inch LED screen; 1080 pixel HD; 60Hz native refresh rate

If your budget is tight and you don’t need the huge screen, this cool 40 inch gaming TV by TCL could be the best choice for you. With HD resolution and a high refresh rate, this is ideal for console gaming or for streaming your favorite PlayStation Store and Game Cloud titles. There are hundreds of pre-loaded apps to choose from and play with.

Samsung 60 inch 10 best TVs for gaming

Samsung UN60J6200 60-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

  • Size: 54.1 x 13 x 34 inches; 50.7 pounds
  • Display: 60 inch screen; 1080 pixel LED display; 120CMR effective refresh rate

If you need a decent widescreen TV for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming, consider this impressive Samsung 60 inch screen. It includes Smart functionality with built-in Wifi, has HDMI ports for console connection and delivers a crisp, clear full HD display at 1080 pixels. This is one of the best HD TVs on the market and a great choice for game playing.

LG 55 inch TV 10 best TVs for gaming

LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

  • Size: 48.4 x 8.9 x 29.9 inches; 43 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch OLED screen; 4K Ultra HD resolution; HDR Enhanced Display

This is not a budget television, but it is a fantastic investment if screen quality matters to you. Give yourself the edge when you are gaming with a high quality 55 inch television that offers four times the clarity and color of full HD, along with HDR enhanced capabilities. OLED technology delivers better brightness and a sharper picture, even during daylight hours.

Sony HD TV 10 best TVs for gaming

Sony KDL48R510C 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

  • Size: 42.9 x 8 x 26.5 inches; 25 pounds
  • Display: 48 inch LED screen; 1080p HD resolution; 60Hz native refresh rate

Almost a 50 inch TV but not quite as expensive, this Sony widescreen with Smart capabilities is ideal for gaming in living rooms and bedrooms. It can be wall mounted or used with a TV unit as preferred, and it offers high quality graphics and sound for a relatively low price. The full HD resolution is sufficient for most top console titles and cloud gaming streams.

LG 4K Curved TV 10 best TVs for gaming

LG Electronics 55EG9100 Curved 55-Inch 1080p Smart OLED TV

  • Size: 48.2 x 8.2 x 29.9 inches; 33.1 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch curved OLED screen; 1080 pixel resolution; 16:09 aspect ratio

You may think a 55 inch screen would overwhelm your living space, but this LG model has a curve and more comfortable on the eye as a result. If you play your console games up close to the screen, this is a great choice. Add a good quality sound bar for perfect gaming audio, and consider fitting it to the wall for the best game viewing set up.

Hisense Smart TV 10 best TVs for gaming

Hisense 50H7GB2 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

  • Size: 44.3 x 9.8 x 27.7 inches; 21 pounds
  • Display: 50 inch LED widescreen; 4K UHD resolution; 120Hz refresh rate

50 inches of screen is usually more than sufficient for playing console games, and this Hisense model offers an impressive size for a lower price. The 4 HDMI ports allow you to connect up all your consoles and gaming machines, and it has built in Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Smart functionality for added connectivity when gaming.

VIZIO 50 inch Smart TV 10 best TVs for gaming

VIZIO D50-D1 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

  • Size: 44.2 x 10 x 28.3 inches; 28.4 pounds
  • Display: 50 inch screen; full array backlit LED display; 1080 pixel HD resolution

Picking a budget gaming TV doesn’t mean compromising on quality or screen size, as VIZIO have prved with this great 50-inch LED TV. It has full Smart capabilities including built-in apps like YouTube and Netflix. The high-speed Wi-fi signal makes it great for streaming games content, and you can also hook up your consoles with a choice of 3 HDMI ports.

Sony ultra widescreen TV 10 best TVs for gaming

Sony XBR75X850D 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV

  • Size: 81.1 x 9.6 x 43.2 inches; 146 pounds
  • Display: 75 inch screen; full 4K HDR and UHD resolution; 120Hz refresh rate

Looking to splash out on some serious visual technology? This Sony 75-inch TV is no cheap option, but it certainly makes an impression when mounted to your wall. See your favorite games in incredible 4K Ultra HD and enjoy every detail up close. Spot every clue, hit every target and never get let down by blur again, with a TV that can live up to the games of today.

Sharp 80 inch TV 10 best TVs for gaming

Sharp LC80LE642U 80-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD TV

  • Size: 17.1 x 45.1 x 73.3 inches; 131.2 pounds
  • Display: 80 inch LCD screen; 1080 pixel full HD resolution; 120Hz refresh rate

The king of all gaming TVs has to be this 80 inch Sharp screen. You will need a room big enough to do it justice and a fairly sizeable budget too, but if you go for LCD over LED and HD rather than 4K UHD, you can certainly cut the cost of buying an oversized screen. It manages to remain sharp and clear, and is perfect for social multiplayer gaming.

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