Best Wireless Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

Best waterproof wireless headphones for swimming

Runners and gym fans will tell you that a little music makes their exercise session easier, more bearable and more fun. However, until recently swimmers had to miss out on the power of music. Today’s technology has advanced to the point where waterproof music players and headphones are available. Whether you swim for pleasure and fun, as regular exercise or in the competitive field, you can enjoy your favorite tunes underwater. We took a look at the best wireless waterproof headphones for swimming, and below you will find our reviews and buying guides for some of the market’s top products.

What are waterproof headphones and how do they work?

Anyone who has dropped their cell phone in the bathtub or lost a laptop to a drink spill will know that water and technology do not usually mix well! However, waterproof headphones are designed in a way that lets you submerge them in water with no ill effects. Many actually sound better underwater, thanks to tweaks in the audio output that make them water-specific. Some headphones are actually complete sound units, with a built in MP3 player so you can store and play tracks and tapes. Others link through Bluetooth or the internet to stream and play from a mobile or external music player.

These headphones can also be used by coaches to speak with their athletes, or use in conjunction with tracking software, fitness wearables and other smart devices. Waterproof headphones and headsets feature lightweight designs which clip or fit closely and keep water away, while preventing the headphones from coming loose and getting lost. There are waterproof headphones available for just about any budget, starting at prices far lower than you might think. As new technology there is still some way to go before we get perfect sound quality underwater, but these top picks certainly stand out as great buys right now.

FINIS Duo headset best wireless waterproof headphones for swimming

FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

More a headset than earphones, the FINIS Duo clips to the goggle straps and plays audio directly toward your inner ear via your cheekbones. That might seem a little odd, but the technology works well and provides clear, reliable sound while you swim. The short wire reaches behind the head with no drag or chance of tangling, and there is no need to connect by wire to an MP3 player – there is one built right in! The Duo is the best budget buy and although it may not suit every swimmer, it is certainly a good choice if you are not a fan of in-ear headphones – it is perhaps the nearest to over-ear phones available to swimmers.

Pyle Active Sport headset best wireless waterproof headphones for swimming

Pyle PSWBT7BK Hands Free Wireless Stereo Headphones and Headset

This unusual headset design is technically water resistant rather than waterproof, but it can withstand underwater sessions with no problems. The headset has built-in earbuds which are completely safe for use in the water, and there is an MP3 player built into the unit which can be removed for uploading music and charging. You can connect this headset via Bluetooth to your smartphone and other devices, and when placed by the pool you can answer calls and listen to tunes. However, the Bluetooth feature does struggle under the water – this is a better product for those who like to swim at surface level and who hate being away from their cell phone while they hit the pool for an hour or two.

FX-Sport music player best wireless waterproof headphones for swimming

FX-Sport VRX Wireless Sport Headphones

The FX-Sport headphones have long been used by athletes across all disciplines thanks to their moisture-proof design, their downloadable workout feature and the built-in MP3 player. Workouts can be customized and the unit will integrate them with your own music. When you pick up these headphones along with their Silicone Skin case (sold separately) you also get full waterproof capabilities so that these can be used for swimming. Sound quality is one of the stand-out features of these great headphones – the audio is excellent and well worth the price. The headset hooks over the ears to hold it in place during swimming, and it is comfortable and lightweight so as not to interfere with performance in the pool.

Sony Sport headphones best wireless waterproof headphones for swimming

Sony Wireless Sport Headphones with Music Player

This Sony earphone set was designed with swimmers in mind and offers full waterproof functionality. Upload your favorite songs to the 16 GB music player, or take advantage of the training tips and fitness trackers in the smart phone application, which can link with the device to help you improve your performance. The cool gadget can track everything from your heart rate to your swim speed and provide you with detailed fitness information. The unit itself is comfortable to wear and you will soon get used to how it feels. This is one of the key waterproof headphone products on the market today, and worth splashing out on if you want to make a long term investment in some great pool audio technology.

Bragi Dash best wireless waterproof headphones for swimming

Bragi ‘The Dash’ Wireless Smart Earphones

One company has mastered the art of truly wireless headphones: meet The Dash from Bragi, which have no wires anywhere at all. This set of tiny in-ear phones are designed to sit comfortably and stay put, while performing a huge range of functions. You can swim in these with no trouble at all – enjoy your own music from the 4 GB internal drive or connect with the world around you via Bluetooth. You can use these with your cell phone, tablet or laptop, get full workout tracking data with live fitness feedback, and choose between noise cancellation and audio transparency modes as preferred.

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